Summit victories in the mountain summer

Climbing and hiking at the Pitztal Glacier & Rifflsee

In the Pitztal valley, hiking takes you high up: the HIGHEST IN TYROL opens up the mighty mountain world of the Pitztal Glacier & Rifflsee. In the valley as well as on the glacier, everyone will find their route, from leisurely hikers to extreme mountaineers. We have selected the most beautiful routes for mountaineering and hiking in the Pitztal for you!

Easy hikes in the Pitztal

From the entrance to the valley in Arzl across the municipality of St. Leonhard in the Pitztal to the highest point of the Pitztal Glacier, there are numerous options for hiking in the Pitztal. Here you will find our favourites for a more leisurely hiking day.

Explore the Pitztal while hiking

Before heading up to the heights, the valley has a few sights to offer. Among them, for example: 

  • The Luis Trenker trail (currently closed due to safety concerns) in Arzl in Pitztal leads through the Pitzeklamm nature reserve. On the way, you will pass the Benni-Raich suspension bridge, where daredevils plunge almost 100 m into the depths with a bungee rope.
  • The Adlerhorst viewing platform near Arzl offers a wonderful view over the mountains in the Pitztal valley. Surefootedness is required, as the ascent includes a short, somewhat difficult passage (rope-secured).
  • Families with children get to know the legends of the Pitztal valley on the Legend Trail from Mittelberg to the Gletscherstube.

Glacier day - hike in the eternal ice

The eternal ice: a fascination that needs to be explored. Together with a state-certified mountain guide, you will learn more about the formation of the Pitztal Glacier while hiking there. The easy hiking tour leads through moraine terrain that is thousands of years old, crevasses and deep glacier mills.

Meditation walk to the Chapel of the White Light

Only a few minutes’ walk from the Kristall mountain restaurant, but definitely worth a visit, is the Chapel of White Light. A sacred work of art, its bright white granite blends in with the red rock of the surroundings in a rich contrast. The colourful windows inside the chapel create constantly changing plays of colour depending on the incidence of light.

Hike, retreat and enjoy in the Pitztal Valley

In the Pitztal, as elsewhere, a stop for refreshments is part and parcel of hiking and mountain walking. Delicious regional specialities await you in the mountain restaurants of the Pitztal Glacier & Rifflsee, with which you can recharge your energy batteries. Special far-reaching views can be found in the architecturally Café 3440 – the highest café in austria.

Sporty mountain tours & summit tours in the Pitztal valley

Hike at alpine heights on the Pitztal Glacier and climb the 3,000-metre peaks: A summit tour like this can bring you to your personal limits. But only those who overcome their sporting limits will exceed themselves. We recommend that you book a mountain guide for more challenging tours!

Tour Tip // Hike to the Braunschweigerhütte

A moderately difficult mountain tour for the athletically active: Take the Glacier Express to the mountaineering area of the Pitztal Glacier. From here you hike across the eternal ice. You will always have your destination in sight: the Braunschweigerhütte. After a stop for refreshments, the descent into the valley begins, back to the starting point. The tour can also be done with a mountain guide. For more information, contact the Pitztal mountain guides directly!

Mountain tours on the high-altitude trails of the Pitztal valley

Several high-altitude trails in the Pitztal invite you to take mountain tours – but they require fitness and surefootedness:

  • Pitztal High Trail over Geigenkamm: from Jerzens to Braunschweiger Hütte
  • St. Leonhard High Trail: Hike from St. Leonhard in the Pitztal valley along old hunters’ paths to the Luibisböden or as far as Piösmes
  • Cottbus High Trail: high-altitude hike from the Rifflsee to the Kaunergrat Lodge
  • Fulda High Trail: Mountain Tour from the Rifflsee to Taschachhaus
  • Offenbach High Trail: Alternative route from the Rifflsee to Taschachhouse via the Wurmtaler Kopf

Glacier Trail 3440

This glacier hike begins with a tour briefing at Café 3440 at Hinteren Brunnenkogel. Afterwards, you will overcome the first steep passage with the help of secured steps. The mountain guide leads you safely through the labyrinth of crevasses on the Taschachferner. After a stop for refreshments at the Taschachhaus, you hike to the valley floor and cover the last 7 km of forest road by mountain bike.

The tour can be booked at the Mandarfen Mountain Guide Office – by phone +43 5413 86266 or by email:

Guided summit tour on the Wildspitze

It is striking, imposing and close enough to touch: the Wildspitze! As the highest mountain in Tyrol and the second highest in Austria, it is a must for every alpinist. The initially easy ascent starts from the mountain station of the Gletscherexpress. The more metres you climb, the more you feel in harmony with the rope team and the mountain. A day tour for sporty mountaineers!

Your summer cards

For sports enthusiasts who not only want to hike on the Pitztal Glacier in summer, but also discover the Rifflsee.

Exploring the mountains at the Rifflsee

Summer hiking tours in the Pitztal valley can be found around the living room of Tyrol: the Rifflsee. It is the highest accessible mountain lake in Austria. The Rifflsee cable car takes you directly from Mandarfen to the hiking area. Here you will find many hidden places that invite you to linger. You want to go higher? The Rifflsee is also the starting point for several high-altitude hiking trails in the Pitztal mountains.

Circular hiking trail at the Rifflsee

The starting point of the Rifflsee circular hike is the Sunna Alm. On the left, a pleasant path leads you around the turquoise-blue mountain lake. On particularly hot days, you will be tempted to dip your toes into the ice-cold water. After about an hour you will be back at the starting point. You can fortify yourself with Tyrolean delicacies on the spacious sun terrace of the Sunna Alm.

Hike to the Hidden Lake

Halfway along the circular hiking trail from Rifflsee, there is a turnoff to the Hidden Lake. Although much smaller, this biotope is no less exciting as a place of discovery, especially for the little ones. Frogs, tadpoles and small fish cavort here and delight children of all ages.

Mountain tour to the Taschachhaus

After the ascent with the Rifflsee cable car, you join your guide and the hiking group on the Fuldaer Höhenweg. Moderately steep uphill or downhill and across several streams you reach the Taschachhaus. You will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the Taschach north face. The descent leads over a glacier moraine to the bike rental, from where you return by mountain bike

Your digital hiking map for the Pitztal Valley

For your exploration of the mountains in Pitztal, it is worth taking a look at a hiking map. This way you can see all the hikes and mountain tours that you can experience here. On the website of the tourism association you will find an interactive hiking map for the Pitztal – alternatively you can buy the hiking map “Pitztal Alpenwelt” directly at the ticket office.

Well informed at the Pitztal Glacier & Rifflsee hiking and enjoying the mountain summer

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