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Facts, Figures & Milestones
Pitztaler Gletscherbahn

The Pitztaler Gletscherbahn GmbH & Co KG operates two ski areas:
The Pitztal Glacier and the mountain railways Rifflsee.

Key figures

Total investment volume until 2020: approx. 52 million euros
Number of employees: 80


Pitztal Glacier

  • 1982 – 1983 Locals came up with the idea of a glacier ski area in the Pitztal in the 70s. After a successful search for investors, the Pitztaler Gletscherbahn was founded in 1980.
  • 1982 Construction of the Pitz Express
  • 16.01.1982 Commencement ceremony
  • 11.03.1983 Opening ceremony
  • 23.12.1983 Passenger service with the Pitz Express commenced
  • 1983 Start of the Wildspitze mountain restaurant with its own pastry shop
  • 1983 Construction of the Brunnenkogel T-bar lift, the Mittelbergjoch T-bar 1 and the Gletschersee 2-seater chairlift followed
  • 1985 Construction of the Mittellbergjoch T-bar lift 2
  • 1987/1988 Construction of the Mittagskogel practice lift
  • 1989 Construction of the highest cable car in Austria – the Pitz Panorama Cable Car
  • 1989 – 1992 Construction of the storage pond for the snow-making system
  • 1995 Summer skiing comes to an end in 1995. Since then
    skiing is offered from September to May on the Pitztal Glacier
  • 1996 Construction of the Kristall mountain restaurant with spacious sun terrace
  • 1998 Expansion of the children’s offer with the adventure world for bambinis in the area of the glacier restaurant at 2,840 m
  • 1998 – 2000 Construction of the Chapel of White Light by Prof. Rudi Wach on behalf of the Pitztal Gletscherbahn
  • 2000 Construction of the glacier trail from the Hinterer Brunnenkogel down to the
    Taschachferner. Today you can reach the ascent/descent to the Gletschersteig comfortably with the Wildspitzbahn from 3,440 m
  • 2000 Tunnel & Pitz Express as well as Comfort improvement in the Pitz Express
  • 2000 1st edition of the Pitz Express
  • 2006 Construction of the 6-seater chairlift Gletschersee and the 8-seater gondola lift Mittelberg
  • 2009 Construction of the IDE All Weather Snowmaker facility
  • 2010 Since the beginning of the glacier ski area, the company has offered a high-altitude cross-country ski trail at 2,690 m
  • 2011/2012 Construction of the Wildspitzbahn, which replaces the Pitz Panoramabahn
  • 2012 Construction of Café 3.440, which is located in the top station of the Wildspitzbahn
  • 2015 With a photovoltaic power plant at 2,900 m above sea level, the Pitztaler Gletscherbahn is once again treading innovative and at the same time environmental friendly paths
  • 2016 Four electric charging stations at the valley station of the Gletscherexpress. Acquisition of electric – skidoo
  • 2022 Exchange of Train 1 and 2 of the Glacier Express


  • 1970 Construction of the 1er chairlift from Mandarfen to Rifflsee
  • 1971 Construction of the Hüttenschlepplift
  • 1980 Construction of the trough drag lift
  • 1994 Takeover of the Rifflsee lift by the Pitztaler Gletscherbahn and simultaneous modernisation of the valley station
  • 1996 Construction of the Grubenkopfbahn at Rifflsee
  • 2004 Construction of the Muttenkopf lift
  • 2007 Construction of the Sunna Alm mountain restaurant in passive house design (first restaurant in passive house design in the Alpine region)
  • 2009 Construction of the 6-seater chairlift Sunna Alm Bahn, which increases comfort and safety when transporting children and families.
  • 2017 Europe’s highest raft at 2,232 metres
  • 2018 Extension of the Sunna Alm mountain restaurant sun terrace

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