Our team at the Pitztaler Glacier & Rifflsee

The Pitztaler Gletscherbahn GmbH & Co KG is one of the 5 Tyrolean glacier ski areas. Our company operates 2 ski areas: The Pitztal Glacier and the Bergbahnen Rifflsee. Both areas are geographically very close to each other and form an extensive skiing and hiking area at the end of the Pitztal valley.

In total, more than 80 employees work in and with nature to ensure that our guests have a relaxing stay in the Pitztal Nature Park and Glacier Region. Each of our employees makes a significant contribution in his or her area of work to ensure that your mountain experience is unforgettable.

Tyrol’s most beautiful valley end and THE HIGHEST OF TIROL stand for: Uniqueness, authenticity, personal encounters and working together for a tomorrow fit for grandchildren.

Pistenbullyteam - The heroes of the night

The PistenBully snow groomers boast up to 500 hp under the hood. Their drivers groom for eight hours a day – usually at dusk or under a starry sky. The skills of the PistenBully driver are crucial to ensure the ski slopes are presented as soft powdery carpets the next morning. Not only do they know the weather forecasts and terrain in detail, the PistenBullies are swiftly on hand to smooth things out again if necessary. But it is when they are working on particularly steep slopes, their heavy equipment hanging from a rope winch – this is when they remember who they really are: they are the heroes of the night – real lads, who love their job!

Our team around the workshop

Of course it is the workers in our workshop, situated at 3,000 metres altitude, who can do just about everything: they maintain and repair all the machines and vehicles, from the excavators to the Pistenbullies, earth movers, trucks, cars, skidoos and sometimes even the snow cannons. Even if a kitchen appliance is not cooperating, our workshop team are quick to step in and get it going again. We are nothing without our workshop – saviours in all situations

The men for perfect snow

When there is not enough snow falling from the sky, our snowmaking team keeps the slopes white. The artificial crystals consist solely of air and water (of drinking water quality). With the humidity, air and water temperatures just right, and with the help of a pumping station, the snowmaking team use their expertise to make it snow from the snow cannons and lances. They are the men for the snow – and the real helpers of mother nature!

The gastronomy team at THE HIGHEST OF TYROL

Even the food for our kitchen has to make it up the mountain, usually arriving by lift, sometimes by snowcat if there is a rush. Did you know that the boiling point of water decreases with altitude? Other than that, it’s business as usual. The hard-working helpers in the kitchen and restaurant make sure the food is on the table quickly, even at peak times. They cook under special conditions – with regional products!

The lift team sees it all

One hour before starting up, the ever-helpful lift personnel check all facilities and equipment to ensure families, senior citizens and mono skiers are transported safely. Our lift team also observes any movement of the glacier – regularly moving the clamps on the drag lift, among other things, to ensure the rope and clamps do not get damaged. And if there happens to be particularly strong movement of the glacier, lift towers are sometimes moved. Ready to help young and old – with a close eye on equipment at all times!

The counter team - the information bureau with a talent for numbers

Especially at the bottleneck of the lift ticket office, things should always go particularly quick so that the skiing fun can start! As the first point of contact, they know where to find rental skis, the current weather conditions and help you out with specific information. They always have an open ear, know almost everything and look forward to seeing you again!

The creative minds at alpine heights

True to the motto WE STAY ON THE GROUND AND THINK HIGH UP, the marketing team takes care of the Pitztal Glacier and the Rifflsee. In the valley – together with the teams at alpine heights – new ideas are developed for your unforgettable mountain experience on THE HIGHEST OF TIROL.

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