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Individual leisure opportunities in the terrain of the Rifflsee mountain landscape

The Pitztal Nature Park and Glacier Region proclaimed itself as a destination for trail running 10 years ago. The Pitztal has since become the “number 1” trail running region in Austria thanks to its infrastructure – specially signposted trails, maps, a stage trail and a trail running shop. The region was awarded the “Trailrunning Award 2016”.

The Rifflsee in particular is perfect for trail runners. A trail running course with 8 stages is situated just 100 metres from the valley station building of the Rifflseebahn cable car. Trail runners can find varied routes on the mountain. The Rifflsee terrain is well-known for flowing trails, passing lakes, streams and up to peaks and ridges.

Both beginners and more advanced athletes will find their own individual trail here, and the ascending facilities of the Rifflseebahn cable cars are perfect for alpine altitude training on the “Rifflsee” or “Plodersee” trail.

Trailrunning in the Pitztal - An Overview

The Pitztal is the number 1 trailrunning destination in austria – The region won the Trailrunning-Award in 2016. There are 19 Trails with a combined length of 264 km.

Trails at the Pitztal Glacier & Rifflsee

The perfect places for altitude training are the trails at the Pitztal Glacier & Rifflsee. whether challenging Glacier crossings or calming panorama trails – Trailrunners will find beautiful and diverse Landscapes in the region.
The area around the Rifflsee with indivdual trails for beginners and experts is especially popular. The Rifflsee cable cars bring you directly to the trails around the Rifflsee and Plodersee

Pitz Alpine Glacier Trail

Unique trails and 3,000-metre peaks as the sun rises and an extraordinary framework programme promise perfect conditions for professionals and beginners alike. Attention: The participant places for the trail running event taking place in August are always booked up early!

Pitztal Trail: Stages for every running-level

The Pitztal Trail takes you withhin 4 main-stages across the valley, starting in Arzl and ending in Mandarfen. You can run these stages one by one or together with differing variants. You can climb some summits on the way, if you want to. The Pitztal Trail is ideal for every runner. For altitude training you can continue from Mandarfen on to the Pitztaler Glacier Trails

Trail running on the HIGHEST OF TYROL

The Pitztal is Austria’s number 1 when it comes to trail running with routes and offers. The tourism region has 19 signposted trail running routes covering a total of 264 km.

Infrastructure for Trailrunning in the Pitztal

There are many Restaurants and Almen nearby, where you can find regional dishes like Kasspatzln and Apfelstrudel. The hotels at the end of the stages of the Pitztal Trail will offer anyhing a trailrunner needs like Maps, a laundry service, luggage transport and early bird breakfast

Trail running training: Tips for getting started

Anyone who is willing to come out of their comfort zone can take up trail running, although beginners should keep a few things in mind when training so that this sport can become a passion.

  • Start slowly: start slowly and gently, with attentiveness, only 2 to 3 times a week with running shoes on short distances (4 – 5 km).
  • Heart rate monitors & Co: It is easier for those who want to train systematically from the beginning to use a heart rate monitor.
  • Run with a friend: Like in many sports, you can better face your challenges if you have a running buddy. You can motivate one another.
  • A little variety goes a long way: You can run the “house circuit” at home or on holiday in the mountains you can inject variety, fun and stamina into this sport just through the diversity of the terrain alone.
  • Participation in a competition: It can be fun to challenge yourself against others in your sporting passion. There is a suitable format for every level of training.

Enjoy the summer well-informed in the Pitztal glacier and nature park region

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