Breathtaking views paired with Tyrolean delicacies

Our mountain restaurants all share the same passion: Conjuring up delicious and tasty dishes using regional ingredients. Our culinary team focuses on local suppliers and food. Every refreshment stop on THE HIGHEST OF TIROL has its own character. It is not only the architectural style that differs, but also the culinary orientation. The best thing to do is to discover them for yourself!

Café 3440 - enjoyment at the highest level

Enjoyment at the highest levels awaits you at the highest point of the Pitztal Glacier. The 3440 is the place to meet for a culinary highlight: an exclusive coffee and a homemade cake from Austria’s highest confectionery shop. We also spoil you with the finest panoramic views. The impressive free-floating terrace with its spacious window front boasts an unforgettable view of one of the most beautiful panoramas in the Alps and the highest mountain in Tyrol – the Wildspitze at 3.774 metres.

Self-service Restaurant Kristall

The Self-service Restaurant Kristall with its spacious sun terrace serves regional delicacies as well as vegetarian dishes.
Opening hours during the Pitztal Glacier operating hours daily from 8.30 am to 4 pm.
Contact details: +43 5413 86288 or

Sunna Alm Mountain Restaurant

The Sunna Alm is our self-service restaurant in the Rifflsee ski resort. It was built in passive house style with homely interior furnishings, Swiss stone pine parlour and panorama lounge. The living room of Tyrol – our Sunna Alm – is your self-service restaurant in the Rifflsee ski resort. It was built in passive house style with homely interior furnishings, Swiss stone pine parlour and panorama lounge. You can top up with vitamin D on the spacious sun terrace and enjoy our regional delicacies. You can already make out your next descent.

Opening hours from 9 am to 4 pm, closed on Thursdays
Contact details: +43 5413 86288 or

Please note: Dogs are unfortunately not allowed in our mountain restaurants!

Xund & guat

Xund & guat – Good Tyrolean quality from the very region of the Pitztal: We make a conscious effort to use regional and seasonal products in all our dishes.

Culinary delights with expansive views on THE HIGHEST OF TIROL

It’s the little things that can change how we think and act. Being operators of mountain restaurants at alpine heights, we do our bit to ensure a mindful use of the available resources:

  • Cooperation with Pitztal Regional
    We consciously decided against alpine hut classics and in favour of regional delicacies. The Pitztal Burger is a joint product with Pitztal Regional. The bread for the burger was developed especially by the Schranz bakery while the meat comes 100% from the valley.
  • Purchase of regional products from farmers in the Pitztal region and Tyrol
    There are no long journeys for the ingredients we use in our dishes: we buy from farmers in the Pitztal and Tyrol. We prefer less, but honest quality from the region.
  • Adaptation of our technology to altitude
    The extreme altitude at 3440 metres means that different conditions prevail when we are preparing dishes than in the valley. Coffee machines, taps or even pastry behave differently due to the pressure level. The technology is constantly adapted to the conditions so that enjoyment and quality do not have to suffer as a result.
  • Bamboo is the new plastic
    Plastic is gradually disappearing from our restaurants. Bamboo is used – especially when we host events.
  • Kissed by the sun or electrically powered
    We are able to generate 1/3 of the electricity ourselves thanks to our photovoltaic system on the Pitztal Glacier. We are out and about in the ski resort with our e-skidoo. You can even make a contribution to sustainability: take the free ski shuttle or charge your e-car at the valley station of the Gletscherexpress.
  • Rubbish separation
    Unfortunately, we can’t always take what we think is self-evident for granted. The separation of rubbish is a priority in all our facilities. We would also kindly ask that you throw your rubbish into the bins provided or take it back down to the valley with you.


Our mission: xund & guat

The bread, the meat or even the cheese: Our dishes are prepared using regional ingredients. In the process, our catering team also makes sure that seasonal dishes are available from the surrounding region. This results in a small but exquisite menu. Xund & guat is not neglected in the process.

Sugar and spice and everything nice

Austria’s highest confectionery shop is situated on THE HIGHEST OF TIROL. Our famous buckwheat cake can be baked at home so that you can enjoy this sweet treat when you return.

Plan your stay at the Pitztal Glacier and Nature Park Region

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