Terms & Conditions for training and slope reservation

Tyrol’s highest glacier has been a well-known training area for training teams and ski clubs for decades.
In addition to alpine training, we offer a perfect training area for ski crossers and snowboard crossers with the Crosspark on the Pitztal glacier. On request, we can also prepare a cross-country ski trail up to 5 kilometres long at 2,700 metres.

We look forward to your request.

1. Written registration

In order to provide you with your desired training opportunity as quickly as possible, we need the following information:

Time period of the training
Group size (athletes and coaches)
Type of training run (slalom, giant slalom, super-G)
Contact person (address, telephone number, e-mail address)

Here you can download the form for the piste reservation: Registration form

We will try to send you a written confirmation as soon as possible.

A confirmed reservation for the course requests is made under the assumption or condition that snow conditions are similar to last year and that the training area can be prepared to the same extent for the teams. As there could be decisive changes due to temperature and precipitation, we kindly ask you to contact us again one week before arrival by phone on +43 (0)5413 86288.

2. Training with other teams

In order to be able to guarantee safe and productive training, mutual consideration and cooperation among the individual teams is indispensable. For internal coordination and discussion, a meeting with the responsible piste coordinator takes place daily at 12.00 noon in the Wildspitze restaurant in autumn.

3. Handling of the training

The responsible team leaders are solely responsible for the execution of the training on the tracks provided. The Pitztaler Gletscherbahn does not accept any responsibility or liability, not even towards third parties. The instructions of the lift and piste staff must be followed without fail. All training teams are instructed to carry out the measures necessary for the safe completion of a race or training in an orderly manner, so that no further tasks fall to the piste manager. The preparation of the piste, as well as the addition of a start hill, does not imply that the piste-keeper assumes any additional responsibility. The fall space, especially to the public ski slopes, must be kept according to the requirements.

4. Cancellation

Should a team not arrive at a reserved training date confirmed by us, we reserve the right to cancel the remaining booked course reservations from our side! This is also to ensure, in the interest of all parties involved, that the reservations are adhered to and are not made or practised arbitrarily (double bookings in other ski areas).

5. Operating hours

The operating times of the individual lifts are set by our management according to the weather and temperature conditions.

8. Preparation

No taxis, dyes, snow cement, etc. may be used. All grooming measures and assignments are coordinated by the responsible piste manager and not by the individual piste skier.

8. Valid ski passes required

All active participants, coaches and service staff require ski passes without exception! Ski passes will only be issued upon presentation of this letter and an up-to-date list of participants, which will be deposited at the main ticket office.
Without presenting this leaflet or the current list of participants, our ticket office staff will charge the normal rate for one-day or multi-day tickets. No group discounts!

9. Media implementation

As the special prices listed do not cover our increased expenses (preparation, special skiing times, etc.) for the teams, we expect all teams to provide us with a permanent promotional service for the Pitztal Glacier, both to the media in their home country and on site and during the international racing winter. This also includes sharing the contributions of the race groups or participants in our social media channels.

We are happy to allow media representatives from your home country to work on the Pitztal Glacier. Contact for this is our marketing team marketing@tirolgletscher.com T +43 5413 86288

The Pitztaler Gletscherbahn reserves the right to place some banners along the training tracks. The placement of banners of other team sponsors can only take place with an exceptional permission from us!

Contact person

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