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The daily travel for our employees and guests to our skiing and hiking areas has a significant impact on our carbon footprint. We are therefore constantly working to reduce it. We have taken an important step by increasing the frequency of public transport. But that is not all. Furthermore, we are constantly monitoring and evaluating the use of renewable or CO2-neutral fuel as well as the gradual conversion of our company transport to e-mobility.

Two thirds of the C02 consumption during a skiing holiday is accounted for by the journey and overnight stay. It is therefore all the more important to motivate our holidaymakers to do without their own cars and to use the available public transport. The Imst Pitztal railway station is an easily accessible hub. There are buses every hour that allow onward travel to the rear of the Pitztal valley, and numerous rental companies also offer a pick-up service from the station. During their stay, it is easy for our guests in the Pitztal to do without their own vehicle. Numerous ski buses also take them from the front Pitztal directly to the valley station of the Rifflseebahn as well as to the valley station of the Gletscherexpress. The bus is free of charge for guests with winter equipment, because as the Pitztal Gletscherbahn we also make a monetary contribution to financing local public transport. In the coming season, we would like to make our guests even more aware of the need to make greater use of these offers or to organise car pools in order to reduce car journeys.

For those guests who are already “e-mobile”, there has been the possibility for several years to charge their vehicles with clean electricity at four stations at our e-charging station. The vehicles are refuelled with clean electricity and hopefully soon entirely from our own solar energy.

Charging instructions for QR code (credit card, Paypal):

  • Scan QR code
  • Follow the instructions on the mobile device
  • To stop: Press the stop button on the website or : Disconnect the charging cable from the car

Charging instructions for RFID card:

  • Connect your charging cable to the car
  • Scan the card
  • Charging starts
  • Scan card to stop or unlock your car
  • Disconnect charging cable from car first

Charging instructions for charging app:

  • Open app
  • Follow the instructions on the mobile device
  • To stop: Press the stop button in the app

Our employees have the option of using our own buses or public transport. In some cases, the working hours are adapted to the timetables. This means that our staff not only get to their workplace and home in a relaxed and cost-saving manner, but also in an environmentally friendly way. Our own company minibuses, which take our employees to their workplace every day from Imst or Arzl in the Pitztal Valley, are fuelled with diesel. These are constantly replaced and naturally meet all current exhaust standards. Nevertheless, they produce a considerable amount of CO2 emissions – we want to improve this in the medium term. Here, too, it is important to do this carefully in order to really find the optimal solution. We are very open to alternative drives such as hydrogen and e-drives.

Die 4 Bereiche unserer Nachhaltigkeit

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