Safely and more comfortably into the world of the Pitztal Glacier

The new Gletscherexpress

From summer 2022, the new mountain underground will take you safely and comfortably to the unique Pitztal Glacier World. The new Gletscherexpress will have its first ride on 15 JUL 2022. And it brings with it a significantly higher level of ride comfort. Our employees were involved in the development of the cable car. The focus was on ride comfort, energy efficiency and design. In summer, the new Gletscherexpress is powered 100 percent by energy from the PV system on the Pitztal Glacier. But this is only one of many innovations: See for yourself!

The Construction diary


After 7 months of planning and 52 weeks of implementation with profile runs, trial runs and acceptance tests, the time had come on 15 JUL 2022! The new Glacier Express started its first journey! It was an exciting moment for everyone when Charly and Verena arrived with the trains at their respective stations. The new Gletscherexpress is custom-made and impresses with its ride comfort as well as its look – but that’s all we’re telling you! Experience the new mountain experience for yourself.

THANK YOU to everyone who was involved!

OVERALL JUN 22 // Profile rides, tests and inspections

After the second train had arrived, numerous profile runs, tests and inspections were made. It was precision work on all lines. But the enthusiasm for the new Gletscherexpress never broke. On the opposite! The anticipation of the 15 JUL increased with each passing day. Even though it was still a long time until then …

30 MAY 2022 // The first train arrives

With great excitement, the first of two trains has left Gmunden! And is already on its way to us in Pitztal. Maybe you’ve even spotted it on the motorway – you can’t miss the 28-metre-long Gletscherexpress. Scheduled arrival is DI 31 MAY 2022 at 8 am at the valley station in Mittelberg …

18 MAY 2022 // Our team in Gmunden: The final inspections

Now the time had come – our team was in Gmunden for the final inspections of both trains. From the underbody to the interior to the driver’s cabin: everything was scrutinised! The finishing touches were put in place and now, on MO 30 MAY 2022, the first train is already on its way to Pitztal, where preparations for the swap are already well underway. And on 31 MAY 2022, the two trains will meet for the first time. It remains exciting …

Now the cat is finally out of the bag, or in our case: Now the train is out of the tunnel!

On 04 MAY 2022 the time had finally come – we were able to present the new Gletscherexpress not only to the people of Pitztal but also to the press. Pictured in front of the existing Gletscherexpress, which will be decommissioned after 8 May, from left to right: Andreas Natter (Doppelmayr), Damian Zenklusen (Garaventa/Doppelmayr), Charly Neururer (Pitztaler Gletscherbahn; “pilot” of the Gletscherexpress for 38 years), Michael Leithinger (CARVATECH), Franz Wackernell (Pitztaler Gletscherbahn). Credit: Pitztaler Gletscherbahn.

38 years of the Glacier Express // The old ladies tell their stories

Our two old ladies have achieved a lot in the last 38 years. And they don’t want to keep these stories from you! Have fun with their stories!

Fake or Truth // Part 1

The highest and longest loop is at the valley station of the Pitztal Glacier? TRUTH!

The track of the tunnel is not a straight line, but slightly curved, in the shape of a loop. In order to reduce the rope resistance, the cableway has a rounding radius of 32 kilometres. If we had thus built a loop, it would have a circumference of about 201 kilometres. At a speed of about 43 km/h, you would be back at the starting point after 4 hours and 36 minutes.

Question Time // Part 2

To the moon and back again! Both of our old ladies have completed this route a total of 3.5 times in the last 38 years. And without an accident! A strong performance – not only for our two trains. Our carriage attendant Charly has also been on every moon mission.

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